Company formation in Albania

In Albania, we provide a broad spectrum of legal, corporate, government, and business intelligence services.

Considering Albania

You can take advantage of the beneficial tax structure in Albania by forming a corporation. One of the lowest corporation tax rates in the EU is found in this country. The tax system’s simplicity makes calculations simple, lowering your administrative costs even further.

Form a company in Albania

Our business consultants are seasoned executives and practitioners with a customer-centric perspective, a commitment to quality delivery, and the ability to negotiate and manage complex projects while working effectively across a variety of business and technology firms.

Form a business in Albania reliably

Allowing and maintaining change, as well as building venues for continuous improvement, are all priorities for us.

Business formation steps

Our specialists have broken down the lengthy business creation process in Albania into six simple steps. The steps are as follows, along with our solutions:


Market research

Because they made it easy for direct and foreign investment, doing business in Albania is quite simple, and it may even be done with very few personnel. In terms of environmental performance, living standards, and happiness indexes, the country obtains a high score.


Choosing the company name

We help you search for company name availability in Albania as well as suggesting you a creative name suitable for your brand.


Document preparation

We help you in the preparation of your documents and files to the company registry.


Corporate bank account

Our team of experts will select the most appropriate bank for your business and provide you with pertinent information on why you require a business account.


Tax identification number

We file tax payment applications with tax authorities on behalf of individuals, registered businesses, and incorporated companies.


License acquisition

We assist applicants in obtaining required business license in Albania.

Consultation about company formation

We have a lot of practical experience, but we’re also known for taking a holistic approach. We extract value beyond corporate silos and across organizational boundaries. We’ve demonstrated that optimizing the whole, rather than just the individual parts, has a multiplier effect.

Form a company by one of the following types of business structure:

Limited Liability Company

International investors confront many challenges when forming a Limited Liability Company in Albania, such as the registration process, expenses, and documentation. Our experts can assist you in resolving such challenges by creating and filing registration papers.

Joint Stock Company

We have an experienced team of professionals who specialize in Joint Stock Company formation in Albania. We have created specific services to assist company owners in starting a business in their selected area.

Other formation solutions

Branch Office

We can help you set up a Branch Office that will boost profits while also increasing brand awareness and exposure.

Holding Company

We form a holding company in Albania to help you protect your assets, obtain tax benefits. Press the button below for more detailed information regarding Holding Company.

The most popular legal entity chosen by entrepreneurs entering the Albanian market is a limited liability company (Sh. p.k.). It is adaptable and suitable for a new enterprise. A limited liability company (LLC) requires only ALL 100 in startup capital (approximately USD 0.99 or EUR 0.72).

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