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Branch office registration conditions

A foreign firm should be aware that while a branch is not regarded as a legal entity in Albania, it may conduct business in the name of the parent company and is responsible for paying local and national taxes. The branches must be registered at the National Registration Centre, which is a unique feature of Albanian law.

The registration of a branch can be done by the branch’s representative, the parent company’s representative, or any other authorized person in such matters, and it takes no more than five working days if all of the necessary paperwork is provided.

Required documents

Required documents to register branch office: 

  • Approval Certificate for a Trade Name, 
  • The parent corporation’s Memorandum of Association, Articles of Association, Certificate of Incorporation, and Certificate of Good Standing 
  • Power of Attorney for the General Manager, 
  • A photocopy of the General Manager’s passport, 
  • 2-Previous year’s audited financial reports of the parent firm, 


We make document preparation easy, fast, and affordable. 

Benefits of Branch office in Albania

The Branch Office is one of the most cost-effective business structures for a firm looking to develop internationally.

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We will assist you in registering a branch office in Albania that can increase income as well as brand awareness and exposure.

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