Joint Stock Company in Albania

The fundamental capital of a joint-stock company is divided into shares, which the company’s founders subscribe to. Founders are natural or legal persons who are not liable for the company’s obligations and are only liable for personal losses up to the amount of their subscribed capital contribution.

A Meeting of the Founding Shareholders in Albania should decide on the foundation of a Joint Stock Company, which will include the subscription of capital shares and the acceptance of the Statute. The newly created firm comes to life after it is registered in the Commercial Register.

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Joint Stock Company registration conditions

A Joint Stock Company with a private offering must have a minimum capital of ALL 3.500.000. A Joint Stock Company with a Public Offering must have a minimum capital of ALL 10.000.000. A minimum of one-fourth of the nominal value of the shares must be paid up for monetary contributions before registration.


A company can be fully registered in Albania in as little as four weeks. Between two and four weeks, it is also possible to purchase a ready-made corporation.


It costs about $3570 to complete the business formation process. Request our quote by contacting us.

Compulsory regulation

The formation of a JSC should be decided by a Meeting of the Founding Shareholders, which will include the subscription of capital shares and the acceptance of the Statute.


List of required documents: 

  • Memorandum of Association, 
  • Evidence of approval by the Securities Commission, 
  • Central Depositary Agency’s approval, 
  • Articles of Incorporation, 
  • Location, citizenship, and occupation of members of the Board of Directors, as well as statements concerning their acceptance of the position, 
  • Names of the Executive Director, Secretary, and Auditor, 
  • Documentation of the payment of the incorporation fees is requ

The preparation of these documents is handled by our team. 

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Albania’s national and local governments both collect taxes. The income tax, social security, business tax, and value-added tax are the most important revenue streams, all of which are implemented at the federal level. Albania’s revenue service is the Albanian Taxation Office.

Bank account

Establish your bank account in Albania through experts who select the best bank for your corporate operations and submit all essential papers that are required. Learn about the other banking options in Albania, such as personal and trading banks, here:

Other legal forms in Albania

Limited liability companies (Sh. p.k), general partnerships (O.P), limited partnerships (O.K), and joint-stock companies are the forms of legal entities that can be established in Albania (SH.A) In Albania, the limited liability corporation (LLC) is the most common and preferred business structure.

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